You've booked your flight, now let's look at hotels!

Using points for hotels

If you have hotel points (or plan to earn them), you'll want to book directly with the hotel loyalty program. The websites are much easier to use than the airline sites, and you can easily compare the paid rates versus the value you'd get from your points. 

Here are the links to some of the major hotel loyalty programs:

While there are exceptions, in general, we don't recommend using your credit card reward points directly for hotel stays. It's difficult to get more than 1¢ - 1.5¢ per point if you're booking through your credit card company, so either transferring your points to a hotel program, or saving them for future flights, is usually a better value.

Access incredible perks and upgrades for paid stays

For those trips where you aren't using hotel points for your stay, we've partnered with two incredible travel advisors to help you get the biggest bang for your buck!

We trust Katie and Sarah to book our own trips – they are great advocates for travelers, and can unlock amazing values that aren't otherwise open to the public, such as:

  • Preferential rates
  • Complimentary upgrades
  • Extra amenities, such as included breakfasts, spa credits, and more

Even better, there's no additional cost to you when booking a hotel stay through their preferred programs!

Beyond that, both Katie and Sarah travel extensively, and can help create custom itineraries, or connect you with fabulous on-the-ground resources. And if you're looking for more than a hotel stay, they can also offer their expertise in booking safaris, luxury cruises, and other travel experiences. 

Connect with a luxury travel advisor