Points Concierge - Distributed / Remote

The Position

Do you thrive in a fast-paced startup style environment? Do you enjoy reading fine print, learning the ins and outs of loyalty programs, and finding creative solutions to tricky problems? We are looking for points concierge agents, and if that description resonates with you, you could be an excellent fit for our company.​

The concierge team is made up of some of the most knowledgeable miles and points people out there. However, it's not enough to simply love miles and points. In addition to being a crack award-space-hunter you'll need to charm airline phone agents, convince novice travelers to fly an airline they've never heard of, and cobble together combinations of points and cash from multiple sources. Above all, your work will impact the way rewards points are maximized, and help people travel better!

We are seeking multiple candidates for this commission-based role.

What You'll Do

Ultimately, you’ll be assisting customers in understanding their best options for using (and earning) miles and points in a variety of programs.

Key responsibilities will include:

  • Corresponding with customers via email and occasional phone calls
  • Identifying the customer's primary concern for their request, whether that is saving time, having the best flight experience, or finding the lowest cost option
  • Crafting itineraries that maximize value and overall experience while meeting other constraints
  • Communicating possibilities, probabilities, and realities of award space in a friendly, positive, and professional manner
  • Liaising with airlines and loyalty programs on behalf of the customer as needed
  • Maintaining continuity by keeping detailed notes and processing invoices promptly
  • Seeking opportunities to create special moments and surprise and delight moments for customers
  • Sharing and elevate customer success stories
  • Writing customer facing language

What You Have

  • Passion for helping people, including (maybe especially!) answering basic questions about miles and points
  • 3+ years of experience booking travel using miles (booking for yourself and family counts!)
  • A solid understanding of all major alliances/partnerships, their carriers, and destinations
  • Familiarity with the tools and tricks for searching award-space in at least two programs
  • An impeccable work ethic and commitment
  • Time management skills - you are self-motivated, able to work independently, and be responsive
  • Excellent written communication skills and savvy with modern workspace tools
  • Customer centric - you think about how to create better experiences for customers first
  • Detail-oriented and well organized, able to explain complex topics in a clear way
  • Strong interest and knowledge of loyalty industry, specifically with travel, airlines, and credit card programs
  • Flexibility - we’re growing and evolving and we’re looking for folks to grow and evolve with us

We don't have a set schedule, but need to know when you'll be available to take on new requests. Most trips require a few days of back and forth, and it's not unusual for a client to *finally* commit to booking a trip at 8PM on a Friday night. You'll typically be working with 5-10 clients at a time, and there are definitely weeks where everyone wants to book at once, or no one wants to book at all.

About point.me

Here at point.me we’re devoted to bringing simplicity and clarity to a system that is intentionally opaque. And unlike traditional travel agencies, or even online booking services like Orbitz, Kayak, & Google, we don’t take a fee or commission from the airlines when someone books a flight.

Instead, point.me is on the  side of our customers — we work directly for them! We’re an ally that uses our expertise and technology to ensure people travel better, and are never taken advantage of.

Our proprietary algorithm crawls the many hidden corners of the Internet, including those hard-to-search airline award websites to discover the clearest path to maximizing the value of loyalty and credit card points.

Sound like a good fit? Let’s chat.